The Complete E-Book Package

Everything you need: E-Book conversion, promotion & distribution

Just $149.00

Your E-Book - on sale around the globe distribution to the major stores like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, ibook and many more.

1000+  Retailers and 65,000 libraries.

Added Bonus - Audio Book distribution to Amazon, Itunes and



Music CD Distribution

95+ digital stores, Itunes & Amazon and 15,000 + brick and mortar locations.

One of the only digital music distributor that also gets you global, distribution of your CD'S alliance is the largest wholesale distribution of CD'S and DVD'S in the United States having long standing relationships with all the big industry labels and vendors including Universal Music, Sony Music EMI, Warner, and many more.  Alliance boasts one of the larges brick and mortar music retail bases in the world, servicing over 15,000 storefronts,  In addition to independent stores, alliances has relationships with, Barnes and Noble, Best buy Target and other big box retailers.

CD Package $249


Keep in mind when you send us your manuscript that we publish & Market Christian Books.

You must send manuscripts to email address for approval before publishing or marketing.




We distribute books to all the key retailers in the country including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Border's, Books-A-Million, Baker & Taylor, Ingram & all of the Christian Trade (Family, Lifeway, Mardel, Christian Book, Send the Light).


Publishing Packages

          Package  #1   - $299 

         Publishing with 25% Royalty for Paperbacks and 40% for Hardcovers, Ebooks &            Audio books. This option may take 3-6 Months to publish. 


         Package  #2   - $499

         Publishing with 40% Royalty for Paperbacks and 60% for Hardcovers, Ebooks &          Audio books. This option may take 2-3 months to publish.

             Package  #3  - $999

        Publishing with 60% Royalty for Paperbacks and 75% for Hardcovers, Ebooks,                Audio books. (Hardcover distribution, free hardcover, advance catalog, bookcrash           reviews, 10 free paperbacks included).  This option may take 6 weeks to publish.

       Package  #4  -$1999 -  This is our RUSH PACKAGE

       Publishing with 75% Royalty for Paperbacks and 90% for Hardcovers, Ebooks &             Audio books. (Hardcover distribution, 10 free paperbacks included, Our 6 month             best selling marketing package $499 value included).  This option may take less                  than 4 weeks to publish.

POD (Print on Demand) Distribution
Make your book available to millions of customers on

Amazon Europe
Broaden your book's availability on Amazon's European websites including,,,,

Expanded Distribution

These additional sales channels make your book available for order to online retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions, and distributors within the United States.

25,000 Bookstores and Online Retailers

Libraries and Academic Institutions

How does it work?

Most online retailers, bookstores, and libraries find books through purchasing relationships with large distributors. If your book is not listed with these distributors, some retailers may not be able to buy your book, even if a customer specifically requests your title. Through Expanded Distribution you can distribute and make your title available for order (this does not guarantee that your book will actually be ordered) through the following channels:

Bookstores and Online Retailers - make your book available to online and offline retailers such as Barnes & Noble and to distributors such as Ingram and NACSCORP.
Libraries and Academic Institutions - make your book available through Baker & Taylor to libraries and academic institutions.
Direct - make your book available to certified resellers through our wholesale website.


Global Reach

Access to global markets

 One of the most unique aspects of Ingram is that we offer access to more readers worldwide than anyone else.  
We are proud to partner with independent bookstores, online stores,  the big chains, the little chains, e-book retailers, local niche retailers, libraries, schools, universities, and just about anyone, anywhere in the world who sells (or is even thinking about selling) a book in any format.
From Calgary to Sydney, Moscow to Sao Paulo, your computer to the next block over, we can connect your books to more than 87% of the world. Overall, Ingram makes your title available to more than 39,000 retailers and libraries. That’s a lot.


UK Distribution

Global aspirations?

Making your books available internationally has never been easier.  Rather than printing in the UK and exporting books our partnership program with two large North American book and journal manufacturers enables us to combine electronic data libraries for printing, distribution and fulfilment in North America, as well as offering similar services in Australia. 

We work carefully with our print partners to ensure that they meet our high book production quality standards and our own approach to environmental stewardship.

PODW offers European fulfilment from our UK print facilities.

Access to The Great British Book Shop


UK Distribution 48,000 retailers

What we offer for every project,

Design: cover & Text 5.5 X 8.5 or 6 X 9 Paperback,

Standard Edit,

POD Distribution Amazon 25,000 retailers,

UK Distribution 48,000 retailers,

Christian Book Stores Distribution 90,000 retailers

Global Distribution Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Most stores 39,000 retailers,

Full Ebook Distribution: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, I-Books, 1000+ total stores & 65,500 Libraries,

Press Release to 200 Christian Media,


Hardcover: Casewrap or Dust-Jacket with 1 free book

Audio Book,


100 Books stocked through consignment.