bill Vincent

Bill Vincent is the Founder & President of Revival Waves of Glory Ministries, which was birthed in 2010, Prior to starting Revival Waves of Glory Ministries Bill Vincent was a Pastor of a Church that moved in Healings, Miracles and the Prophetic.  Although he is not a Pastor any longer, he still moves in the Prophetic with Healings & Miracles.  The Ministry has regular Revival meetings and travels to different cities to spread REVIVAL FIRE and the LORD'S MESSAGE.  Bill has been in Ministry for many years and has led 3 successful Revivals in that time with tangible Healings & Miracles.

Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing was birthed in 2012, Bill is an Author & President of the Books & Publishing Company.  He has flooded the market with Books that he has written and has published for other Author's.